Become a Sought-After Expert who attracts & signs perfect - fit clients through authentic messaging & thought leadership

I know that's a bold promise but I can deliver, here's how..

Together, we'll create and execute a meticulously tailored content plan & messaging strategy, that is laser-focused on attracting a consistent stream of perfect fit clients into your signature service.

Hi, I'm Keisha


When I decided to transition my business online, I wanted someone who would sit down with me, dive deep into my business, my offers, and everything I had going on, and provide me with tailored guidance on how to attract and sign clients.

That's exactly why I structured this offer the way I did. So I can provide you with expert tips, powerful advice, personalised support and feedback you need to attract and sign clients.

Here's what you can expect when we partner together



  • A measurable increase in your social media presence and reach, so that more people are aware of who you are and what you have to offer, leading to greater opportunities for connection, collaboration, and clients.


  • A robust marketing system, so you can focus on other areas of your life with confidence, knowing that your marketing efforts are consistently attracting and enrolling clients into your signature program.


  • A streamlined method for growing your audience and business, so you can confidently plan for your life and future endeavours.

But above all else

You will experience the peace that comes from knowing how  to attract and retain clients, while  building a sustainable online business. It's the freedom to focus wholeheartedly on your passion, unburdened by uncertainty of where your next client is coming from~

Welcome to Next Level Marketing

The only program you need to master your message and grow a scalable business simply.

Here's our Pathway to your next Clients


Establish  a clear roadmap for your promotional activities, that strategically plans and coordinates your marketing; so that you have a clear roadmap to follow, helping  you to keep focused and centered on your pathway to your goals.


Master the art of communicating with your audience.

Identify your value proposition as an online entrepreneur 

Develop a brand identity that stands out in the market.


Create a core message framework that empowers your audience to break free from limiting beliefs,  so that  they can clearly see how they can achieve their goals. While positioning your offer as the natural next step and working with you as their obvious next choice.

Marketing Mastery

Create a comprehensive marketing strategy that drives results. Inclusive of :

  • social media marketing,
  • email marketing.  

Plan, map out and create strategic content for to attract and convert your most ideal clients.





Turn your signature offer into multiple streams of income, increasing your impact.

Implement systems for  business growth and development.

Hire staff, collaborate and expand your reach.


$2500 - $5000

 Customisable payment plans available.

I firmly believe that the value of your offer should always surpass its cost. That's precisely why I've structured this 90-day partnership the way I have.

I crafted it to ensure that every dollar you invest yields exponential returns.

This isn't merely a transaction—it's a strategic leap towards your "Next level Marketing".

The ROI goes way beyond our 90 days together ; it's the catalyst for elevating  your marketing to bring you perfect fit clients and good success!

Walk away with,

a proven marketing system tailored to consistently market and sell your signature service with ease.


Don't just take my word for it..

Hear from others who have gone before you

  • 280725681_344658907732180_6565872276487008116_n

    Uncertainty is a killer when it comes to putting out copy and content, and for me at the beginning stages of my business, it caused paralysis. Keisha is an expert at her craft and gave me the knowledge and frameworks I needed to create content that was both highly effective and authentic to my style of writing. Once you have a structure, uncertainty quite quickly turns to confidence. Everything she teaches is scripture-based and spirit lead.

    H. Hammond

  • Keisha is so dope at what she does. She pushed me to think further beyond using words just for the heck of it! Since I've worked with Keisha, my content have not been the same! Talk about transformation.

    Sophonie Joseph-Laurore - Laurore Coaching, LLC

  • 245231127_4802122363131599_6136628943826902090_n

    I felt I needed a copywriter because I struggle with writing properly. I chose you, Keisha because I felt I could trust you and when we spoke, you made me feel that I could conquer anything. The results so far has been more engagement with my content and it’s really make me confident to post more. Knowing that my content sounds amazing . You’re are always looking for methods to support me, I’m so grateful to God for you adding value to me as a person.

    Sherry Self - Purpose Coach

  • 220386699_10159545716990127_1765494134959193872_n

    Keisha is gifted in creating strategic content that increases your impact and profitability. She helped me to unjumble my thoughts and get really clear on my niche.

    Chipo Nyandoro Kunzvi
    - BusinesS Coach

Let me ask you a bold question...what does your life & business look like 6 months from now?

If it looks anything like this…

You are serving your ideal clients with excellence and a profound sense of fulfillment, knowing that you are making a tangible difference in their lives. 

You have a steady stream of  anxious-to- work with you clients who value your expertise.

You are confident because you have built out the vision God gave you and your business is attracting and retaining the exact people you are meant to serve, giving you the time and financial freedom you currently crave.


Next level Marketing is for you !

I’m ready to help you share your expertise and impact lives on a broader scale, are you ?

Keisha Portrait
A note from Keisha

 Hi, I am Keisha. I am the Copywriter and Business Consultant Kingdom entrepreneurs hire when they are ready to scale their business to 6 and 7 figures. While I'd like to think it's my business degree or my master's degree in human resources or my 20+ years of Business experience that qualifies me to serve you, it's really the anointing and hand of God on my life.  I am coming to the table with my love for strategy, my gift for crafting awesome content and my commitment to serving the women God has called me to serve; Helping them to amplify their voice, attract perfect-fit clients, and exponentially grow their business.


If you are ready for deeper impact, more clients, and freedom to focus on the things you love secure your spot today.

Keisha Douglas

Still not 100% sure

Experience the power of us working together  firsthand, completely free!

 Start with my FREE audit and I'll craft a custom road map for you.

I want your journey towards growth and long term success begin with absolute confidence.

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