The Power of Content Marketing

How it Can Help Your Coaching/Consulting Business to Generate Consistent 5 Figure Months


In a world driven by digital transformation, you have an incredible opportunity to leverage the power of content marketing, not just as a business strategy, but as a way to impact more lives. Never before in the history of time has it been this easy for believers to share their truth.

Content marketing, when infused with your beliefs and purpose, becomes a conduit for creating genuine connections and transforming lives. It allows you to walk in your purpose and generate higher levels of revenue, without having to do anything more than be your authentic self.

I’ve always wanted to marry my business and my purpose. Because honestly I was exhausted by my busyness, as a wife, mother, ministry coordinator, leader, and business owner. Yet, I wanted to improve my finances. I knew the answer wasn’t adding more to my already full plate. I prayed and earnestly sought a way to fuse my ministry and my business so that I didn’t have to wear so many hats and I could just be.

That’s what content marketing allows you to do. It allows you :

  • The creative freedom to be your unique self
  • To impact the persons connected to you
  • Attract perfect-fit clients who value your expertise
  • Easily sell your services  
  • Generate predictable and consistent revenue doing work you love

If you are anything like me and would like to explore if this is the breakthrough you have been seeking. Grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in!

If you are new to me, I’m Keisha Douglas George. I’m a Biz consultant and copywriter dedicated to empowering women to master their message and their money by building profitable and purpose-driven businesses.

I created this blog to share my step-by-step content marketing strategies, biblical principles, and actionable tips for attracting, nurturing, and converting clients .

If you are a purpose-driven Christian coach or consultant and your desire is to increase your profit and impact, you’re in the right place, my friend. Let’s get started.

Driven by Purpose, Centered on People, Focused on Profits.

What is Impact-Driven, Conversion-focused Content

Simply put it is content that is – Driven by Purpose, Centered on People, and Focused on Profits.

At its core, is about crafting content that is deeply rooted in your purpose and mission. I firmly believe that each of us is here for a purpose, and our messaging should be grounded in that purpose.

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.

One of the first things I do with my clients before we implement any content marketing strategies, is ensure their foundation is solid. They must be grounded in who they are, who they serve and why they do what they do. This is the foundation upon which purpose- driven, conversion content is built.

Secondly, it involves creating content that is wholeheartedly audience-focused. Impact-driven content is designed to elevate and resonate with your ideal clients, addressing their unique needs and aspirations. By connecting with your audience on a deeper level, your content becomes a catalyst for transformation and connection.

Finally, conversion focused content is about creating content that not only inspires and empowers but also contributes to the growth of your business as an entrepreneur. This combination has the power to attract and convert prospects into happy paying clients, allowing you to create good success.

In essence, content marketing becomes a powerful tool when it aligns with our purpose, uplifts your audience, and fuels the growth of our business,

It’s a powerful and strategic approach to content creation, that allows you to captivate, engage, and nurture your target audience through optimized content designed to drive sales.

Think of it as, crafting content that resonates deeply with your audience, leading them to take decisive actions that ultimately result in signing up as your clients. This transformational content is carefully tailored to leave a lasting impact on your prospects, guiding them along their journey from interested prospects to satisfied clients.

In today’s saturated market, your content can be a powerful approach to connecting with your audiences on a deeper level.

Connection Leads to Trust, Trust Leads to Clients

Traditionally, content marketing revolved around crafting and sharing valuable, relevant, and compelling content without directly promoting your products or services. Its goal was to educate, entertain, and inspire your target audience. 

I initially adopted this approach due to my introverted nature, preferring not to be pushy in sales. While I had no problem promoting my services, the constant ‘buy, buy, buy’ approach didn’t sit well with me. I knew the approach of chasing clients wasn’t how I wanted to grow my business, I wanted a business model where clients sought me out instead of the other way around.

I discovered that embracing authenticity and being myself attracted more people to me. Potential clients reached out because they connected with me as a person before considering my services. 

I realized three profound things-

When you focus on being your genuine self you naturally attract the right clients.

When you position your signature offer effectively, your content will acts as a beacon guiding your ideal clients to your offer.

When you dial in your message clients self identify with your message and take the next steps already sold on your value

Let that sink in, you can position your offer, be authentically you and allow your content to be a guide, bringing clients to your door. It’s a natural and genuine process where your audience self-identifies and chooses to work with you.

Once I mastered the above, that’s when I truly understood from a business perspective what it meant to be like a tree planted by rivers of living water. Its about being grounded in you are, who you serve and how you serve them; Allowing your content to form a pool of persons who are not only connected to your destiny, but who are drawn to the life giving content that you produce. These clients not only greatly appreciate you buy they readily and happily pay your prices because they value your expertise.

Now that you know what content marketing is, let’s discuss 4 ways it can help you create to a consistent pool of ready to invest clients

  1. It will help you to attract and engage with your ideal clients on a deeper level. Enabling you to produce content that speaks to the heart, souls, needs and aspirations of your audience.
  2. You will be empowered to build trust and credibility by authentically sharing your journey, setbacks, experiences, and testimonies. This allows your audience to view you not just as another coach or consultant trying to sell them. Instead you become a trusted mentor and expert who knows and understand exactly how they feel, the challenges they face and ultimately who they are striving to become.

If content is king, in this season authenticity is queen!

When you master the art of being yourself in your content, the process becomes more natural and enjoyable. Content creation shifts from being a chore or task you dread doing in your business to a space and place where you get to share your thoughts and insights with your audience.

3. It will help you to nurture relationships with potential clients who aren’t ready to buy. By showing up consistently, you can prove to your audience that you are trustworthy and you genuinely care about helping them. Here’s the truth, most people won’t buy the minute they are introduced to you. Whilst they are actively seeking a solution there are key questions that they need answered before they say yes.

  1. Can they trust you?
  2. Will what you are offering work for them?

You can demonstrate the answers to those questions by:

  1. Being consistent in your messaging 
  2. Showing up consistently 
  3. Demonstrating your expertise. 

4. It will help you to stay organized and focused. With a content calendar and a clear vision, creating content becomes more effortless and efficient. It will free up your time through repurposing: Repurposing existing content to maximize its impact not only increases your visibility but massively increases your efficiency as every piece of content has a life of its own, Organically drawing perfect fit clients to you every single day.

Okay, now you understand the power of impact driven content, let’s explore how you can leverage it as a system to drive sales in your business

Conversion focused content is content that takes your audience from curious passersby’s to excited buyers and satisfied clients.

You can do this by creating a unique mix and personalized version of the following:

  • Irresistible Calls-to-Action (CTAs) -Your authentic and engaging content lays the foundation for meaningful connections with your audience. Now, it’s time to strategically guide them toward taking action. By incorporating well-crafted CTAs into your content, you invite your audience to move closer to working with you. Whether it’s encouraging them to schedule a discovery call, sign up for a webinar, or download a valuable resource, compelling CTAs prompt your audience to take that pivotal step toward becoming your clients.
  • Nurturing prospects through your emails – Your content has attracted a pool of interested leads. Your next move is to build a lasting relationship. Email marketing becomes a powerful tool for this purpose. Utilize automated email sequences to deliver personalized and valuable content directly to your audience’s inbox. By consistently providing value and maintaining communication, you keep your coaching services top of mind, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Nurture prospects through your Facebook group – If you have a Facebook group, then you already know the power of connecting with persons in your group. You need to be strategic in your content so that you can continue to grow these relationships without overwhelm or sounding like everyone else out there. Because when you fall in that trap your audience stops responding.
  • Showcasing Social Proof and Testimonials -Leverage the power of social proof and testimonials to boost confidence in your coaching services. Showcase success stories and client testimonials throughout your content and website. Authenticated experiences from satisfied clients build trust and credibility, making it easier for potential clients to decide to work with you.
  • By strategically positioning your service and offers – Done right, your content will showcase the benefits and unique advantages that clients receive when they work with you. Crafting irresistible offers becomes a natural extension of your content strategy, guiding potential clients toward the realization that partnering with you is the next best step they need to take.
  • Highlighting your unique advantage – By highlighting what sets your services apart from others in the industry, you communicate your value proposition with clarity and conviction. Your content should reinforce the message that working with you offers a transformative and unparalleled experience.

With each piece of content, you reinforce the message that your coaching services holds the key to what they want and need most; creating a powerful synergy between your content and your offers. This synergy transforms your content into a driving force that generates consistent leads and conversions.

By strategically leveraging your content in these ways, you can create a powerful and cohesive content ecosystem that drives consistent sales and revenue for your coaching business

Curious to see how a content marketing strategy can impact your business ?

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