Hey friend...are you ready to Grow Your Business Without the Overwhelming Hustle Of Having to do Everything yourself?

I can help you leverage the power of your words to become a highly, paid, sought-after expert - without burnout & overwhelm !

Sounds like a bold promise? Keep reading I'll tell exactly how we'll do it...

But first, is this you ? Are you..

  • an experienced coach/consultant who is confident in the value you bring
  • in building & expansion mode
  • committed to creating incredible experiences for your clients
  • a woman who values integrity and excellence

If you found yourself nodding yes, yes & yes, you are in the right place.

Here's how I can help you become a sought after expert, who generates consistent, scalable revenue without the overwhelm

1. First I'll lay the groundwork to increase your revenue in one session

By carving a personalized strategic approach for you, that begins with thorough market research for  a deeper understanding of your target audience. Keeping a finger on the pulse of your ideal clients is the bedrock of ensuring your brand remains a trusted authority in your niche.

  • I'll develop a unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning strategy that aligns seamlessly with your purpose and messaging
  • Then, I'll craft a comprehensive content strategy that specifies the most effective content types for attracting, nurturing, and converting your audience, think… blog posts, social media, videos, podcast episodes, and email campaigns. Together we will decide on the unique mix needed to grow your revenue and deepen your impact.
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2. A powerful messaging framework

  • I will dive deep to develop a robust core message that will illuminate the path for all your copy and content moving forward.
  • I’ll shape your messaging into a powerful tool that touches the heart and soul of your audience, shifting beliefs and empowering them to step into their next level.


  • Content that resonates deeply with your audience
  • An influx of new opportunities
  • Deeper impact on those you serve
  • More clients

Effective Communication, It's not just about what you say; it's about how you say it, and I'll masterfully craft that for you.


  • 245231127_4802122363131599_6136628943826902090_n

    I felt I needed a copywriter because I struggle with writing properly. I chose you, Keisha because I felt I could trust you and when we spoke, you made me feel that I could conquer anything. The results so far has been more engagement with my content and it’s really make me confident to post more. Knowing that my content sounds amazing . You’re are always looking for methods to support me, I’m so grateful to God for you adding value to me as a person.

    Sherry Self - Purpose Coach

3. Say goodbye to the stress of trying to remain visible

I will take the reins and meticulously craft content that not only keeps you top of mind but also propels you toward your revenue goals.

  • Captivate your audience 
  • spark conversations
  • Build lasting relationships as your audience eagerly waits to hear from you week after week.

Results : A seamless, engaging, and highly effective content strategy that drives conversions.

100% increase in engagement 

  • 220386699_10159545716990127_1765494134959193872_n

    Keisha is gifted in creating strategic content that increases your impact and profitability. She helped me to unjumble my thoughts and get really clear on my niche.

    Chipo Nyandoro Kunzvi
    - BusinesS Coach

4.Finally, experience the power of expert copy at your fingertips

Having a copywriter who understands what you are trying to do with your business, who believes in your goals, on your team is invaluable!

  • I’ll review and rewrite all your copy assets for you as needed
  • Simultaneously, I will conduct a thorough review and optimization of your website content to ensure it reflects your voice and expertise.

A seamless fusion of your core message into every piece of content, ensuring that your brand speaks with authenticity and authority, attracting your ideal audience and fostering lasting connections.


You may be wondering...

1.How will the market research be conducted?

 Here are a few ways I conduct market research:

  • Audience Profiling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Social Listening

2. How is this content going to be delivered or distributed to you?  I offer multiple options for content distribution, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

3Will you be responsible for creating my content?

Absolutely! Following our initial consultation, during which we'll identify your 12-month objectives and establish a 90-day content strategy, we will collaboratively decide on the content themes and topics for the upcoming 90 days, drawing from your expertise. At that point, I'll take the lead and handle all content creation for you.

Your life before hiring me

Life after hiring me

  • Frustrated by earning only a fraction of your true potential

  • Overwhelmed by the myriad tasks necessary to keep your business afloat

  • Anxious because what you desire most is to build out the vision God gave you, but your current business model falls short of supporting your goals.

  • You possess a crystal-clear content strategy, meticulously tailored to your business, designed to attract, nurture, and expand your audience

  • Financial stability reigns as your business consistently generates predictable revenue

  • Unshakable confidence fills your days, knowing that your message is resonating with your audience

But above all else

You will have more time to focus on the things you love without sacrificing your business growth  ~

Why This Investment Makes Perfect Sense

Now, you might be wondering about the investment, which is $25,000 for 12 months of dedicated support. For a limited time you can enjoy this same service for an introductory price of $19,500.00 . Allow me put this into perspective for you.

Hiring a team member in your business can set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 per month. That's $18,000 - $30,000/year. But here's where it gets interesting, when you choose to work with me, you're not just getting a team member; you're gaining a strategic partner who's fully dedicated to your success at a fraction of the cost.

So consider this, not just as an investment but as an opportunity to achieve your goals with unmatched efficiency. With our collaboration, you'll "become" the sought after authority, grow a steady stream of persons who can't wait to work with you — all the while staying within a budget. That's far more efficient than traditional hiring. It's a win-win. There are also 6 months and 3 months plans as well!

Don't just take my word for it..
keisha-testimonials 2

Now you get to choose, two doors lay ahead, each leading to a different future

Door #1 You can keep navigating your business alone, juggling multiple tasks, and feeling the weight of endless responsibilities. You know the exhaustion this path brings, and deep down, you crave relief.

Door #2 Consider an alternative. Step through this door, and in less than 30 days, you'll have a meticulously crafted content strategy, seamlessly weaving its magic behind the scenes of your business. It's your secret weapon, effortlessly boosting revenue and supercharging your impact. This path promises not just financial stability but more time to focus on things you love. 


I'm ready to help you grow a consistent stream of ideal clients- Are you ?

My Unwavering Success Guarantee

I'm thrilled to partner with you, and I'm so confident in the value I bring to your business, that I guarantee we will achieve significant results together. After our initial consultation, if you don't feel a a closer connection to your ideal client, greater confidence in your unique value proposition, and genuine excitement about the content plan I tailor for you, I will refund your investment without any further obligation.

Keisha Portrait
A note from Keisha

 Hi, I am Keisha. I am the Copywriter and Business Consultant Kingdom entrepreneurs hire when they are ready to scale their business. While I'd like to think it's my business degree or my master's degree in human resources or my 20+ years of Business experience that qualifies me to serve you, it's really the anointing and hand of God on my life.  I am coming to the table with my love for strategy, my gift for turning words to cash and my commitment to serving the women God has called me to serve; Helping them to amplify their voice, attract perfect-fit clients, and exponentially grow their business.

If you are ready for deeper impact, more clients, and freedom to focus on the things you love I'd love to partner with you.

Keisha Douglas
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