It’s okay to Pivot

Building and growing a coaching/consulting business is sacred work. However, sometimes the journey is filled with challenges and struggles that can leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain.

If you are pouring your heart and soul into your work and you know it’s time for your next level of growth, this blog post is for you.

In this conversation, we explore :

  • A transformative approach that can help you shift your thinking and embrace a more aligned growth strategy,
  • How one woman went from broke and disappointed to finding joy, peace, and creating generational impact
  • My personal checklist I use to keep a pulse on knowing when it’s time to shift.

Ready? Let’s delve in!

How Naomi didn’t allow life’s disappointments from keeping her stuck

We all know the story of Naomi and how life didn’t pan out exactly the way she planned. As a quick backdrop, there was a famine in the land of Judah, and to escape this famine, a man named Elimelech, together with his wife Naomi and two sons left Judah to go live in Moab As time passed, Elimelech died, and his sons married. So Naomi lived in Moabite with her two sons and their wives for about ten years. In time, her sons also died, and so the story continues with Naomi and her two daughters-in-law.

When Naomi heard that God was taking care of and providing food for His people, she made a decision to return to her homeland of Judah. Naomi was so distressed at the thought of going back, that when the women of the town saw her and called out to her, she asked them not to call her Naomi but to call her Mara, meaning her life was bitter. She left as a married woman with two sons, but life had dealt with her bitterly, and she was returning worse off than she left—or so she thought.

I imagine she was hurt, disappointed, doubtful, afraid, and ashamed.

I can relate because at one point in my life, I felt exactly like that. I had lost everything, and my faith was shaken to its core.

Sometimes God has to remove all that we hold dear, test all that we say we know about Him before we can walk fully in the gifts and unlimited supply He has for us.


In the end, God brought new hope into Naomi’s life through her daughter-in-law. Not only did she work hard to provide for her mother-in-law, but she ultimately married a man from Naomi’s family and bore a son, giving Naomi a grandson to love and care for. And get this, that same grandson eventually became the grandfather of King David.

Your trying season is divinely linked to the generational impact & legacy you are destined to create!

Many times as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, we have goals and dreams to better our families, create a different level of financial freedom, purchase homes, and pay for our children’s education. In response to our prayers, God instructs us to build a business, to use our gifts and expertise to impact His kingdom, but it seldom goes as planned. And we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of actions that aren’t producing results for a couple of reasons:

  • We believe God gave us the vision, so it has to work.
  • We are afraid of what others may think.
  • We don’t realize that doing more won’t produce different results.

Let’s unpack each of those thoughts for a minute:

You believe God gave us the vision, so it has to work:

If God gave you a specific vision, I wholeheartedly believe that it will come to pass because He is not a man that should lie. However, how you achieve success is another story. As believers, we have to be humble and wise enough to build our visions in accordance with the word of God in our lives if we want to achieve good success. Most times, that means tweaking, adapting, doing different iterations, and responding to the needs of our audience until you find that perfect balance of income, impact, and ease.

Doing the same things and expecting different results:

For example, posting the same content with the same message that isn’t converting week after week. The truth is, posting more misaligned content won’t yield better results. Your breakthrough isn’t in doing more but in doing better.

Afraid of what others might say:

This was my problem. Since bringing my business online presence, I went through several iterations of my now signature offer, Purposeful & Profitable Messaging for Christian Coaches and Consultants. Every time I leveled up, the same fears and questions would pop up: “What would people think?” Thankfully, I pushed past those fears each time. Now, I give no thought to my non-ideal clients because I have created an insanely valuable program that my ideal clients love, and that’s where I choose to focus my energy. But I wouldn’t have gotten here if I didn’t keep tweaking and adapting.

Remember pivoting is not a sign of failure but rather a strategic decision to explore new possibilities and align with your values and goals.

6 signs it’s time to take a different approach in your business

Okay so now that we know it’s okay to pivot , let’s discuss when its the right time.

Your growth has stagnated:

You feel like you’ve reached a point where you’ve maximized the potential of your current business model or offerings. It may be time to explore new opportunities. Pivoting allows you to push your boundaries, enter new markets, and serve your current clients more effectively.

Your audience isn’t engaging:

If you notice a decline in comments, shares, or overall interest in your content or offerings, it may indicate a need for change. Your audience’s preferences and needs may have evolved, and pivoting can allow you to better align your products, services, or messaging with their current interests.

You feel out of alignment:

Feeling out of alignment means that your business objectives, strategies, or target market no longer match your vision or values, and that’s okay!

You are ready for more:

God flat out told you to. As a believer, you already know the importance of walking in obedience and saying yes to God.

Changing Industry Landscape:

Emerging technologies, regulatory changes, or market shifts are reshaping the industry. It might be a signal that a pivot is needed to adapt and seize new opportunities.

Client Feedback:

If you consistently receive feedback indicating that your current offerings are not meeting their expectations or if there is a demand for additional features or services, it’s worth considering a pivot.

Your next steps & Action Plan

  • Conduct an honest internal evaluation of your business capabilities, resources, and expertise.  Take my Free Audit HERE!
  • Determine whether your existing strengths and competencies align with the changing needs and market dynamics of your ideal clients. 
  • Actively listen to your current audience and gather feedback about their needs, pain points, and desires. 
  • Assess your financial performance for the last six months
  • Evaluate the overall industry landscape and identify potential threats or disruptive forces that could impact your business.
  • Trust your instincts as a business owner. If you have a strong intuition that a pivot is necessary, based on your experience, industry knowledge, or a deep understanding of your customers, it’s worth considering.

In Conclusion

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, pivoting and exploring new strategies are not only acceptable but often necessary for long-term success. It’s crucial to recognize that adapting and evolving your approach is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Embracing change and being open to new ideas will enable you to stay ahead of the curve and create opportunities for greater sustainability.

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