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From Corporate Burnout to Successful Business Owner : How Chanel Overcame Obstacles To Finally Create A Life of Time & Location Freedom

Meet  Chanel, Certified Organizational Change Manager / Certified Project Manager / Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Expert turned client success strategist.

Chanel is a brilliant consultant with a deep passion for client success. In obedience to God Chanel quit her job and launched her consulting business.

The Challenge

Unclear Messaging

After working with different coaches, Chanel still struggled to gain momentum in her business because she didn't know how to connect the pieces. Chanel faced the daunting task of conveying her unique value to her audience.

She needed to break down the components of her service in a way that was devoid of jargon yet professional enough for her target audience, and still be easy to understand and digest. Plus drive sales with ease.

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OFFER - We dissected and analyzed every aspect of channels offer ensuring that it was uniquely positioned to serve the needs and desires of her ideal clients.

MESSAGING -Through meaningful conversations and a meticulous exploration of her strengths and values, we crafted a captivating narrative that directly spoke to her audience. 

With a friendly but professional tone, Chanel's messaging became relatable, inspiring, and impossible to ignore.

CONTENT - Chanel and I worked closely to create a harmonious online presence by developing a  core message framework to guide all her content creation efforts. We crafted a comprehensive content strategy to amplify her voice across multiple platforms.

LONG TERM STRATEGY - We focused developing the habit of producing thought leadership content . This was instrumental in positioning Chanel as an invaluable resource in her industry, resulting in a surge of leads and opportunities.

Conversions increased
In 2 months


75% increase in Engagements & Speaking Opportunities

The impact of our partnership exceeded our expectations.

  • Chanel's influence expanded beyond her initial goals, opening doors to strategic collaborations and speaking engagements.
  • Chanel gained crystal clarity on how all the pieces connect together to create a simple business model that fits her lifestyle.
  • 100% confidence in her ability to craft compelling content that speaks directly to the hearts of her ideal clients, driving sales with ease and simplicity.

Chanel's journey serves as a testament to the transformative results that can be achieved when passion, expertise, and strategic brilliance unite.

Today Chanel can be found traveling writing books and helping coaches to coach their clients to success without burnout.


Hi, I'm Keisha

If you ready to become a sought after expert who generates consistent revenue. I invite you to schedule a call, let's see if we are a good fit to work together.

I felt I needed a copywriter because I struggle with writing properly. I chose you, Keisha because I felt I could trust you and when we spoke, you made me feel that I could conquer anything. The results so far has been more engagement with my content and it’s really make me confident to post more. Knowing that my content sounds amazing . You’re are always looking for methods to support me, I’m so grateful to God for you adding value to me as a person.

Sherry Self - Purpose Coach

Uncertainty is a killer when it comes to putting out copy and content, and for me at the beginning stages of my business, it caused paralysis. Keisha is an expert at her craft and gave me the knowledge and frameworks I needed to create content that was both highly effective and authentic to my style of writing. Once you have a structure, uncertainty quite quickly turns to confidence. Everything she teaches is scripture-based and spirit lead.

H. Hammond

Keisha is gifted in creating strategic content that increases your impact and profitability. She helped me to unjumble my thoughts and get really clear on my niche.

Chipo Nyandoro Kunzvi
- BusinesS Coach

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