Business Consultant & Copywriter

Hi. I'm Keisha

When I first stepped into the online space. Despite having over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, I felt like a complete newbie. I found myself following every guru, devouring every freebie, and piecing my business together along the way.

Eventually, I faced a sobering truth. The path I was on wasn't sustainable or scalable. It wasn't aligned with the unique vision that God had placed within me. I realized that I was building a business that looked and sounded like everyone else's, instead of embracing my own authentic uniqueness.


Not only that, I was playing small, because I was afraid to voice the BIG vision God gave me. Until one day the Holy spirit sobered me right up!

In that moment I committed to serving the women  God called me to serve. I simplified my business into a repeatable system for attracting, nurturing, and converting clients to your programs without spending hours online "chasing clients".

That's why I created this space, I invite you to explore my membership, completely free for seven days. It's time for you to  to step into your power, embrace your uniqueness, and build a business that the power of God flows through; impacting lives, creating true financial freedom and liberty.


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