Are you a Christian coach experiencing ‘feast or famine' in your business?

The money is in your message. It's in your ability to effectively communicate the value of what you do to the right persons.

Take my FREE Messaging audit to

Identify what’s keeping you from creating an authentic brand that stands out and attracts your ideal clients

Clarify what you need to do right now to sign your next client

Receive customized recommendations to help you achieve and sustain the revenue levels you desire

This audit is for you if,

  • You struggle with articulating your God-given process and methodology in a way that resonates with your audience
  • You are tired of doing allllll the things
  • You have been posting content regularly, but it isn’t attracting a consistent stream of potential clients
  • You want a clear path to consistent revenue that doesn't require you spending countless hours online

A word from Keisha

Your path to consistent revenue boils down to mastering just five essential elements:

A Crystal-Clear Message: Your message has to resonate and connect with your audience, leaving no doubt in their mind that you are the one.

A Right Now solution: Your offer needs to be an irresistible solution that addresses a pressing problem your audience is currently facing.

Content Marketing System: that delivers your message to the right people, at the right time ensuring maximum reach and impact.

When any of these components falter, acquiring clients becomes a daily challenge of hustle and grind. However, I assure you that aligning these vital aspects will help you to effortlessly generate sales without overwhelm.

Next Step-

Step one is diagnosing the root cause of any obstacles hindering your progress. This comprehensive audit dives deep into your business, enabling me to identify and pinpoint the exact gap or stumbling block. Knowledge is power, my friend. Once we correctly diagnose the issue, we can create a strategic treatment plan and you can get laser-focused on eliminating it.

Do you remember the widow with the jar of oil? As coaches and consultants, we often overlook our own unique gifts which can become powerful tools for attracting your ideal clients. Give me just 48 hours, and I'll reveal precisely what steps you need to take to propel your business forward and attract paying clients.

If we haven't crossed paths before, allow me to introduce myself. I am Keisha— wife, mother, daughter and above all, servant of the most high God. My mission is to empower believers in business, helping them to fearlessly and confidently express their truth, to create awe inspiring impact and profit. If you are ready craft a compelling message that drives sales daily in your business, your first step is to take the FREE audit.

Yours in abundant success


Don't just take my word for it..

Hear from others who have gone before you

  • 280725681_344658907732180_6565872276487008116_n

    Uncertainty is a killer when it comes to putting out copy and content, and for me at the beginning stages of my business, it caused paralysis. Keisha is an expert at her craft and gave me the knowledge and frameworks I needed to create content that was both highly effective and authentic to my style of writing. Once you have a structure, uncertainty quite quickly turns to confidence. Everything she teaches is scripture-based and spirit lead.

    H. Hammond

  • Keisha is so dope at what she does. She pushed me to think further beyond using words just for the heck of it! Since I've worked with Keisha, my content have not been the same! Talk about transformation.

    Sophonie Joseph-Laurore - Laurore Coaching, LLC

  • 245231127_4802122363131599_6136628943826902090_n

    I felt I needed a copywriter because I struggle with writing properly. I chose you, Keisha because I felt I could trust you and when we spoke, you made me feel that I could conquer anything. The results so far has been more engagement with my content and it’s really make me confident to post more. Knowing that my content sounds amazing . You’re are always looking for methods to support me, I’m so grateful to God for you adding value to me as a person.

    Sherry Self - Purpose Coach

  • 220386699_10159545716990127_1765494134959193872_n

    Keisha is gifted in creating strategic content that increases your impact and profitability. She helped me to unjumble my thoughts and get really clear on my niche.

    Chipo Nyandoro Kunzvi
    - BusinesS Coach

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