You can have a profitable business that impacts millions without sacrificing your time doing tasks you don’t enjoy.

The formula is simple:

Your expertise + clear messaging + effective marketing = Profitable & Impactful Business


Hey there,

II'm Keisha! As a business consultant & marketing expert for christian coaches, I specialize in helping Christian entrepreneurs transform their unique processes into signature offers, helping them to create recurring revenue streams without the perpetual hustle and grind - doing work they LOVE !


Are you facing any of these challenges?

    • Inconsistent Revenue: Your income fluctuates, lacking the stability you desire. You're searching for a solution that provides peace of mind and drives steady growth for your business.
    • Burnout from multiple strategies : Despite trying numerous strategies, none have consistently propelled your business forward as hoped. Those elusive breakthroughs and success stories continue to be right there, yet out of reach. 
    • A trickle of leads : You excel at what you do, yet connecting with the right people who are genuinely interested in your message feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You're ready to amplify your reach and attract a steady stream of eager prospects who resonate with your expertise.
    • Disapointmenting R.O.I : Building a successful business demands your time, energy, and financial commitment, yet the returns don't match your expectations. You're eager to find ways to maximize efficiency and achieve greater returns on every investment you make in your business.

If any of the above resonates with you, here are three ways I can assist you:



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Uncertainty is a killer when it comes to putting out copy and content, and for me at the beginning stages of my business, it caused paralysis. Keisha is an expert at her craft and gave me the knowledge and frameworks I needed to create content that was both highly effective and authentic to my style of writing. Once you have a structure, uncertainty quite quickly turns to confidence. Everything she teaches is scripture-based and spirit lead.


H. Hammond

Business coach for introverts

I felt I needed a copywriter because I struggle with writing properly. I chose you, Keisha because I felt I could trust you and when we spoke, you made me feel that I could conquer anything. The results so far has been more engagement with my content and it’s really make me confident to post more. Knowing that my content sounds amazing . You’re are always looking for methods to support me, I’m so grateful to God for you adding value to me as a person.


Sherry Self

Purpose coach

Are you ready to take your message to the next level and effortlessly attract more clients?

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